My name is Saare (Say-Air), I was born on June 12, 1985, in Hollywood Florida. I am the oldest of 10 siblings and my parents ran a successful business and newspaper. On the outside it appeared we are this amazing and well put together family, but in reality, my mother who had no self-esteem fell in love with my father who was a wanted convicted felon.

This resulted in a very toxic household, growing up I had no clue what love was or felt like. Emotional and physical abuse was dominate in my life from both parent. Thinking about the times I thought about running away from this daily nightmare, I never did it and it wasn’t because of the fact I was in fear of running away, it was because a stronger and moving force inside of me told me to stay and trust the journey. I never knew but I know now.


Even though this abuse took place in this “home” I took the two biggest gifts my parents have given me and that was my sibblings and the wits of running a successful business. Through the low self-esteem I always managed to do well for myself so I thank you so much mom and dad.

During the first two decades I had to sort through life with the perspective that was given to me. There was a lot of heartache, addiction, and destructive behavior. All of these choices were a cry for love and acceptance and one day I decided that in 2011 that I am going to change my life.

It started with a simple Beachbody program Insanity, and then with a simple book The Secret, and to my mentor Chalene Johnson and that was the beginning pillar of healing my life. At the age of 26 I felt love, I felt the shackles of addiction fall from my ankles, and I was able to see life for what it was, a land of opportunity and self-development. By healing my life I found my God given purpose and that was to serve other people that had a hard knock life like me and teach them the tools and give them the support they needed to heal.

In 2015 I fell back on hard times, which was odd because at this time I am leading group fitness classes, becoming a Master Trainer for Beachbody, winning pageants and President’s awards and around me my world was shattering. That moment lead me now on my spiritual journey which was the missing piece to my whole purpose to serve others. Thinking about it, that source is what guided me to through the really hard times and I simply slipped away from it and I am so thankful because I know who I am and that is God who resides within me.

I am currently stationed in Germany with my husband and three kids, my husband and I have been married for 8 wonderful years and I give so much love and thanks to him because he saw something in me and gave me the arena to become my authentic self.


My husband and I are adoptive proud parents, I am a homeschool mom, I lead group exercise classes, and I give workshops and talks about personal and spiritual development. I love to tip for excellent service and  I L-O-V-E to sleep when time allows me to. My favorite is traveling the world with my family, laughing with good close knit friends, and I am a major foodie.

My mission is to live my authentic purpose and serve others to do the same.

If you like to book Saare Elizabeth to give a keynote presentation, lead a spiritually led workout, meditation, or speak at your next event, please fill out the information below and allow 24-48 hours to return to your request.

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