What I do

I hold space for women and guide them to heal and transform their negative beliefs about themselves and the world, to turn those into self-love, inner peace and to open their eyes to their own personal power to create their own life as they want to live it.

How I do it

Energy Sessions

Being a vessel of the Divine Energy allows me to tap into your being to allow love to go where you need it the most.

Aligned Driven Actions

Together we get to the root what is not serving you and you have free will to choose what will evolve you to your highest good.


Spiritual Guidence

You are the co-creator, I am the guide to confirm what is true for you.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

My husband and I had a very profound session with Saare. We are so happy we went. We feel the workshop and meditation helped us grow It was exactly what we needed at the right time.

K. Dawson, Human Resources Officer

I had a truly enlightening and insightful distant reiki session with Saare! I experienced sensations, feelings and emotions that provided can only be described as the beginning to a higher self and purpose. I am so excited to begin this new chapter with Saare as my guide and helper.

Michelle G.

The one day intensive workshop "Healing your story" was amazing! Saare Elizabeth's work is eye opening and life changing. I was honored to be in her presence.

KT Light, Teacher

Saare Elizabeth is both warm and inspiring. I truly appreciated her workshop and guided meditation sessions. Absolutely wonderful experience!

VJ, Stay at home mom

Blogs about my divine life and how to achieve yours

How to bounce back from disappointment.

Avoiding disappointment is inevitable, in fact, it is viable for our spiritual growth in reclaiming and strengthening our True Identity. It is important to honor the feelings of disappointment instead of suppressing them. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel, then...

How Ayahuasca healed my life

I come to you to share the most sacred part of my spiritual journey. My actions and perceptions have nothing to do with anyone else and it is not up for debate for the path I have chosen to be at one with God❤️ I am operating on pure inspiration to share all of me,...

Morning routines for empaths

If you are not sure what an empath is and not sure if you are one, check out this Facebook I posted. If you are an empath I want to encourage you to check out this YouTube video where I share how to cleanse, ground, and protect yourself from feeling other people's...

Shift your struggle to strength.

Do you find yourself arguing with your co-workers, family, and friends on a constant basis?
Are you stressed, worried, or depressed?
Is your body suffering on a spiritual, mental, and physical level?

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Co-Create what is yours by what is real. -Saare Elizabeth