I am so excited about sharing you my holiday gift guide for moms! These are my most favorite things and have been using all year so you know I am sharing the real deal with you. If you are like me if you don’t want much but a little something to make your life much easier, here you go sister. Also be sure to scroll down and check out my top favorite charities to donate to. 


2017 holiday gift guide for Moms

  1. 1. Beachbody on demand1. Beachbody on Demand: Hands down the best $100 of the year I have spent. If you have an Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Firestick, this app is a must-have. You will have access to ALL of Team Beachbody’s most popular programs such as 21 Day Fix, Insanity Max 30, or their 21 day Yoga retreat. You have the complete access to everything you need, nutrition, fitness, and support. They offer memberships starting at $40 every three months or all-access for $100. Go be the fittest of them all with BOD.
    2. She means business: You wouldn’t be reading this blog if it wasn’t for Carrie 2. She means businessGreen giving me the motivation I need to start my journey as a stay at home mompreneur. If you have the desire to start your own business this book is for you. I love that she has free printables to really put into action what you have learned. This book will be the driving force you need to get that idea out to the world.
    3. Doterra Yoga collection3. DoTERRA Yoga Collection: The DoTERRA yoga collection is so yummy and equipped with three blends to help you tune in more during your meditation or yoga sesh. I use Arise Enlightening blend to help me rise to a goal that I am trying to achieve. The Anchor Steadying blend; I like to use this to help me anchor my intentions for the day. I use the Align Centering blend to bring it back to center my heart center and connect within.

    4. The Universe Has your Back Deck4. The Universe Has your back Card deck
    Based off of the book Gabbi Bernstein’s The Universe Has your back, the beautiful 52 card deck brings you peace, hope, and encouragement when you need it the most. A total must have as a mom for 2018.

    5. Elite Air Fryer5. Elite Air Fryer: I am not into kitchen gadgets but this thing has made me a believer! and boy oh boy! such a life saver in the Summer so you don’t have to turn on the stove or oven. This air fryer uses little to no oil to fry your favorite goodies, don’t ask me how it works, just know it taste like the real deal.

    6. Organic activated Charcoal

    6. Organic activated charcoal: What do you take when your husband leaves for three months and you suddenly come down with the stomach virus? Activated charcoal! Activated charcoal is designed to pull the toxins from your body and you can also mix it with coconut oil, with a dash of peppermint oil and you have teeth whitener. This stuff is a life saver in my home and it really does work ridding the stomach virus FAST. Please consult with a doctor before trying anything on the internet.

    I only recommend products and brands I passionately believe in but wanted you to know that when I make a recommendation, I may receive a referral fee.

My favorite charities to donate to and you can too 🙂



Operation First Response: I am so thankful for Peggy and her staff. My husband went back to the hospital this time for two weeks and I was in desperate need of help. I reached out to Operation First response and within three days my mother in law was here. Thank you so much, Peggy!! 





USO: Traveling with kids is super stressful and thanks to the USO they make it easy with their rest centers in airports. They also put on events for military families and so much more.