I teach you how to heal the B.S that is holding you back from co-creating your heaven on earth.

I serve women who need clear guidance on how to get out of their own funk and transform that funk into self-love, a manifestation of whatever they desire, inner-peace, and living their true authentic life. I do this by re-connecting woman to their Higher Power, taking that energy and investing it into themselves, then using that energy to heal the belief story that they are telling themselves that is keeping them stuck, miserable, and unhappy. Once they heal and transform their story then they are able to surrender into their God-given power and co-create the world they want to live in and enhance their relationships with their friends, co-workers, spouse, and children. Together with Spirit, we use tools to heal your mindset and reshift your emotions to serve you by:

-Energy Healing
-Emotional Freedom Technique
-Spiritual practices such as praying, energy cord cutting, affirmations, and more.

Before I stepped into my power.

When you look at my before picture, you see happiness, the dream life, husband, kids, experiences, the whole nine. But on the inside, I was literally dying and doing whatever it took to kill the old me. I did this by drugs, alcohol, having toxic relationships, you name it. I have done it. Once upon in my life, I had to be medicated on six medications to function and survive this thing called life. I was living in massive fear stemming from my childhood, I was emotionally and physically traumatized and that energy carried over into in every aspect of my life. I was depressed, suicidal, and disgusted with every inch of my being.

The prayer that changed my life

I knew there was a better way, and I said this prayer that changed my life, it wasn’t Saare it was truly something deeper inside of me calling in and connecting to God and He heard my prayer and that’s when the shift began to happen. 
Synchronicities began to happen, people, programs, books, and a lot of free resources began to pour into my life and then it was revealed to me the pain I had endured and stuffed in the closet, had a strong purpose to serve other women who have walked in my same shoes.
With my healing I began to blossom into a rose, taking the lessons applying them to my life and then teaching others. It was revealed to me that I was a healer of things that are holding people back from their inner greatness and since that day I never looked back.


My life after healing
I am truly living my divine miracle life, I am at peace with my past, I beam love and radiance to everyone and to everything. Whatever I desire if it is for the highest good of all, I get it. I have friends that support me, I love my kids, I travel A LOT, oh and the sex is really good between my husband and me.

Every woman is entitled to this life, to this power, and it is my #1 mission, purpose, and impact to guide woman back to their authentic power and truth.


My message to you is, whatever you want, you can have it, in the Spiritual and physical realm. You just have to have guidance to help you rekindle that power you never lost. If you are committed to doing the inner work, go through the seasons, and trust a Source that always has your back, you are a lot closer than you think.