Creating mindful moments as a stay at home mom opens up for more space in your life for miracles. You become more grounded, focused and that peace that you feel on the inside will reflect your reality within and outside of your home. Learn how you can create more mindful moments in your life and attract more of what’s good in your life.

The definition to me of being mindful is being present in a moment, to show gratitude, to create more of what you love, and to connect with your inner being. Creating mindful moments as a stay at home mom is very vital to your well-being. Imagine as if you are a balloon, the air in that balloon represents the daily stressors as a wife, mother, and friend. If you don’t allow the time to let some of that air out of that balloon, eventually that balloon will pop, and then your ego steps in creating an illusion of lack within.

Being mindful lets that air out so you can perform your best in the state of love.

Here are some opportunities I came up with so you can create mindful moments as a SAHM:

Breastfeeding your baby.

Washing your hands.

Using the bathroom (don’t give me that side eye. We are all guilty of thumbing through the phone or checking our farm).

Taking a shower or bath.

Folding clothes.

Cleaning the House.

Walking or jogging.

At the kids’ practice.

School line pick-up.

Waiting in line at the supermarket.

Getting pampered.

Before you get out of the bed.

Before you go to sleep.

Waiting at the bus stop for the kids.

During the kids’ nap time.

Waiting for coffee or tea to brew.

At a red light.

While you are waiting for your food to be delivered.

Checking the mail.

Grooming yourself.

Making your bed.

Waiting for a movie to start.

Waiting for an app to load on your phone.


Being mindful is super easy, again it is just being PRESENT in the moment that you are in right now and connecting with your breath. By focusing on your breath you are quieting your mind and if you like you can also focus on a mantra to create more space in your mindful moment.

So hum is Sanskrit for I am.

So in your moment, bring your awareness to your breath, say out loud or to yourself,

So Hum


So Hum


So Hum


Quiet and calm that mind and unlock what is yours.


What are some ways that you will create mindful moments in your life?

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