When you make a choice to step into your soul there is no going back. You cannot serve two masters, the ego, and your higher self; on this journey, you must choose one and ride and die with it. That is what I have chosen to believe in, because believing that I am not deserving or a failure has not served me at all, in fact, has kept me stagnant in my authenticity.

Today, I realized I failed at a spiritual mission, I should’ve stepped into the holy instant, instead, I stepped in a place of self-righteousness. I have a problem with praying, I have a problem with speaking, and it is a habit that I’m trying to break.

I’m a silent thinker, I’m a self-talker, I know God knows the intention of my soul and so that is good enough.

Or is it?

After deep reflection through my walking meditation, I sought after the answers I needed instead of what I wanted.

I honor the space of where I am at now, where anger spite used to fulfill me and now  I feel and think nothing, because if it doesn’t serve the highest good for all;  I rather not feel at all.  Personaly that is growth for me, I’m so thankful for that, shows growth and maturity because words hurt and thoughts make or break your reality.

Morning intention: I set the intention today to shift my mind to see only miracles today.  Lesson: Miracles are lessons to serve my highest good and is a choice.

Negative energy will get in where it fits in, a hole, a crack, a crumb. That’s all he needs to steal, lie, and destroy.

“You didn’t surrender and pray saaare, so really, you didn’t grow”.

And it is right, I didn’t surrender, I didn’t pray, I didn’t catch myself and realign myself to love so this situation can shift.

Instead I shifted my energy and intention to receive a miracle.

The Course in Miracles taught me that having a miracle mindset causes you to shift your mind to right thinking, aligning your perception with truth as God created it, miracles are created to help you step into the undoing of what your mind is trying to perceive. Miracles heal your mind into right thinking and reawakens the spirit within.

Do you see what I mean by choice? Choice is so powerful because in this journey you will always have a choice, to believe in the misconception to manifest into depression, divorce, or conflict, or choose to believe in miracles to help you grow closer to God, heal, and see obstacles as growth.

Having a miracle mindset lead me to forgive, to be guided, and recreate the outcome I desire to grow more abundant in love and into my soul. I have the opportunity to step into the holy instant, to shift my perspective to serve the highest good for all.

There will be a day where I will put myself into a spiritual time out to realign with the Universe and ace my spiritual mission, but for now, I will utilize the time to reflect, and ask for miracles and forgiveness, and the opportunity to choose again.

Photo cred:Clever Visuals