Digital Courses

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Unleashing Miracles through meditation

I believe one of the biggest reasons why we don’t stick to our meditation practice is because we are given so much information and we tried to implement that information, and our meditation practice just doesn’t stick. In my course I will teach you what you need to know to get started in your practice and help you create a practice that is unique to your needs. It is my highest intention to help you quiet your mind with techniques to focus on and to simply find your sweet spot to get into your meditative state. 

Soul Shift Academy

This is a digital course that will help you grow into the depths of your soul. Releasing negative belief stories that are keeping you from living your soulful purpose. Transitioning your pain into power and so much more. This Course has not been released yet and is set to release early 2019. To be a beta tester please sign up for the mailing list.

How to bounce back from disappointment.

Avoiding disappointment is inevitable, in fact, it is viable for our spiritual growth in reclaiming and strengthening our True Identity. It is important to honor the feelings of disappointment instead of suppressing them. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel, then...

How Ayahuasca healed my life

I come to you to share the most sacred part of my spiritual journey. My actions and perceptions have nothing to do with anyone else and it is not up for debate for the path I have chosen to be at one with God❤️ I am operating on pure inspiration to share all of me,...

Morning routines for empaths

If you are not sure what an empath is and not sure if you are one, check out this Facebook I posted. If you are an empath I want to encourage you to check out this YouTube video where I share how to cleanse, ground, and protect yourself from feeling other people's...