Welcome to the five day Journal challenge

We are taught to suppress our feelings by ignoring them, fixing our feelings with materialistic crap, and pack it down with prayer and positive affirmations. Don’t get me wrong, prayers and affirmations work, only if you are following a method for those two tools work effectively.

I started journaling in January 2016 and then quit, I picked it back sometime in 2017 up as a way to communicate to God. I wrote my prayers in there. Then one day I got mad and was ready to blow up I found myself sitting down writing out my feelings and asking myself questions and then boom 💥 I felt so much better. I think I saved a life that day.🤣 I then used journaling to heal my traumatic childhood growing up, healing my marriage, rewriting my past, and so much more. All the answers I’ve been searching for has been inside of me this whole time and didn’t know it.
Sitting in silence and allowing your raw feelings to come alive on paper is life changing, I’ve learned so much about myself it’s crazy. I’m slower to speak because I think about what I’m saying.
That is why I’m hosting a 5 day journal challenge, I really want to show people their inner strength with this habit. bring a problem that has been eating at you, a desired question that your seeking an answer to, and watch your life change before your eye. Below are the prompts and guided meditation and musc you need. 

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