Do you

 feel like you’re not a good enough wife. You feel like you’re not a good enough mother. You feel like a burden on your husband like you’re not doing enough to contribute to your home. On top of that, you feel like your efforts are unappreciated (or worse, unnoticed).
We turned to Social Media for help and were instead fed a facade of “you’ll be a good mom with a six pack”, “you’ll be a better mom if you feed your kids non-GMO foods” or envy the woman who appears to have her ish together. That is your mark you try to strive for but fail and then that starts the cycle over, deepens every negative feeling you have about yourself.

You had this ideal version of yourself in mind when you started this journey with your husband, this journey to build your family and your life together.

And then reality set in, clinging to coffee, stepping on Legos, milk rings on your husband’s white t-shirt, and alternating from Trolls and Moana for the littles so you can clean the same mess again.

I get it. You’re not alone.

 A Gallup poll released within the last few years found that the depression rates of stay-at-home moms are five to ten percentage points higher than those found in our working counterparts.

Women like you and me, women who have sacrificed to prioritize the care and safety of our families over a career choice, are noticeably more likely to report daily feelings of sadness, stress, anger, and fear.

What if I told you as a Stay at home mom that you can live and love yourself to the highest capacity?

That inside you can feel good with every inch of your soul? And because of this feeling, you are no longer surviving to throw everyone in bed and do it all over again tomorrow, but you are thriving and content feeling pure joy knowing you are right where you need to be and allow that contagious energy to flow into your parenting, your kids, and into your marriage.

Let me tell you a secret.
You have the power within yourself to make that dream a reality.
I can help.

My name is Saare Elizabeth, I am a stay at home mom to three beautiful strong kids, I’ve been married to my soldier for eight years, Fitness Instructor, and now a Transformational Guru for Stay at home moms.

After Battling traumatic experiences as a child, surviving several attempts to try to end my life, overcoming substance abuse, living with a daily nag with bipolar depression, I decided in 2011 that enough was enough and I began my transformation journey and healed my life inside out.

I achieved a lot of things, runner-up in a state pageant, receiving a President award, speaking in front of hundreds of people, running a successful business, and so much more and one day all of those things that nourished my ego was taken away.

I found myself back in the same spot I started in a whole new country, depressed, worthless, thinking that I wasn’t good enough because I wasn’t doing motherhood by society’s standard.

Going to that dark place again was the biggest blessing I could ever ask for because it led me to you and countless of other mothers who feel the same way that I did.

And now I am here to serve the woman who need it the most and that is you, the stay at home mom.






Grounded is a seven-day, completely free email course designed to help you shift your perspective, realign yourself with your own spiritual truth, and banish the negative feelings that hang over your head like a cloud on a daily basis.



I created a non-denominational approach to ground you back in love and truth. I am going to shift your perspective on who you are as a stay at home mom where you will see yourself in a new light that will serve you and your family.

Shift your projection to shift your perception

Day one if you are ready to shift your inner self, you will get to the root of your specific problems: mental blocks, lies you tell yourself, illusions you choose to believe in.
As you’re beginning your journey into your new reality, you’ll begin assessing how you’re spending your time — Or more importantly, how you’re wasting it.
Using materials provided, you’ll realize where your time is really going. All those extra minutes add up, and you have a finite number of them. Together, we will learn how to really make them count.

What you feed grows.

Next, we’ll talk about nourishment.Your husband has to be fed. So do your kids, your pets, even your plants. So you feed them. You nourish them. And you do it lovingly. But your inner peace needs to be fed, too.

You disconnect from your new found perspective by not feeding it.

Throughout this course, we will be learning to express gratitude, not judgment.

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I will teach you my method of scheduling as a stay at home mom, this method I teach my mommas to take the overwhelm out of the equation. I am going to help you attach emotion to actions so you can honor your schedule.
I am going to teach you how to meditate as a mom and involve your kids to join your practice.
By the end of this journey, you are going to have tools in place but you also need a plan in place also in case you stumble and most importantly a community to help pick you up.

Everything I am going to teach you I taught myself, and I wish I had it all together packaged and given to me, and when I realized that I was not alone in these feelings, I knew I had to teach the woman who need it the most, and that is you. Release doubts, release your worry and skepticism and join me on this journey to being grounded in love and truth to serve your highest good.

See you on the other side sister.