I come to you to share the most sacred part of my spiritual journey. My actions and perceptions have nothing to do with anyone else and it is not up for debate for the path I have chosen to be at one with God❤️ I am operating on pure inspiration to share all of me, not part of me because of the acceptance of others, I wanted to share my Ayahuasca journey with friends, family, and all those who are seeking spiritual healing and truth. 

November 2015 I hit my knees for the final time, I just made the choice to live because God said I was His teacher for His people and He needed me to fulfill this purpose. Who am I to teach? What the hell am I supposed to teach? The last thing whispered was “follow me and I will show you”.

What I didn’t know then was the official start of my spiritual awakening, in 2016 I don’t know how I got by, hope, faith, and just doing what I knew to get by. With that,  the real work started in 2017 when everything was going to shit… again and this time I told God I was open to change, just show me what I need to change. It was then where my twin flame came in heavily into my life, books, courses, and teachers began to appear. God was forcing me to get to the root of my problem, my traumatic experiences during childhood.

Once I healed my wounds, the next thing to do was to allow God to guide me back to my original intent to love, my purpose to be a teacher, that meant I had to resurrect every part within myself. My thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, the way I acted, carried myself and responded. And that’s where the real work comes in, being triggered over and over again until you respond with your original intent, love. I remember at some point in my journey that “oh okay, this is a spiritual quest, this shit is real.”

To me it was worth it because I knew deep down I was meant for more.

The Holy Spirit and I together worked as one to remove patterns, habits, thoughts and I am proud of that because I learned a lot of things that are beyond myself, I never believed in ALL that power of what God could do due to the fact of past conditioning and fear-based beliefs limiting our true power within.

April of 2018, I left for Italy for Spring Break on a spiritual high, fully awaken to the spiritual realm and for some reason, it clicked, everything I’ve been doing started to make sense, I started to see the bigger picture.

When I came back I was hungry for more and that’s when my body went in spiritual preparation mode for Mother Ayahuasca.

I have seen ayahuasca on one those documentaries years ago and remember thinking “I would like to do that… maybe”. That’s when I was using drugs to suppress my problems and feelings. It was brought up in 2017 with a girlfriend fantasizing by the pool about going to the jungle to participate in ayahuasca ceremony and saying “alright let’s do it”. In May of 2018, the plant medicine was calling me by my name and this time I did more research, planning to save my pennies and justifying to my husband why I need to go to the rainforest in Peru. I thought it wasn’t in the stars for me till the kids moved out of the house, however, I found a woman who gave and guided the plant medicine.

Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that is made up of two plants that makes up a DMT molecule, which by the way your body produces also. When consumed in a sacred manner with intentions, this plant has a way of connecting you to your Higher Power, higher self, can show you the problems and the solutions. It can heal addictions, depression, anxiety, and so much more.

I won’t go into too much detail on how the FDA is fucked up, but I will say, FDA, big pharma, you fucked up.

Everything was lining up she was pulling me in, she was preparing my body, and it was time to go deep within. With each Ayahuasca journey, it is different for each person and to be honest you don’t know what you are going to get, the best way to really get what you need is to let go of what you think you need and expectations. So I came in knowing that, I went to the sacred space with my questions ready and open to receive.

To explore more of my sacred journey please watch the video below.


Mother Ayahuasca took me straight to God where I learned that love is only real, God is in everything, and bulldozed every fear I had that was blocking me from my greatness. This plant-based medicine healed me, therefore, healed everything else in my life, I had to take the lessons that I have learned from both journies and apply them daily in my life. This plant also unlocked my spiritual abilities that have been suppressed inside of me or that I have been denying. I use this gifts to help others connect to their Higher power and to ignite their own healing. 

I wanted to share the loving soul who guides Ayahuasca journies in the Netherlands, I had the privilege to journey with her twice and watch her grow into your highest self also. If you keep hitting a brick wall or seeking deeper answers I want to encourage you to pray about journeying with this sacred plant and do your research. 



If you decide to do this please let Larissa know “Saare SEnt me”, I don’t get anything from sharing but to me this is one of the ways I show Larrisa my gratitude from being a part of my journey <3

If you have questions comment below 🙂