Starting today I want to encourage you to choose miracles. We are subjected to negativity all around us, what we listen to and watch via news stations and unfortunately Social Media outlets has a huge impact on our inner world. We have been coached into the negativity in everything and everyone, what you choose to see and focus on magnifies and creates more of that thought into your life and into the world.

What are miracles?

I am a student and teacher of the metaphysical text “A Course in Miracles”, and ACIM teaches us that miracles are simply a shift of perception from fear into love for thyself and others. Miracles are natural and simply an expression of love.

How do you choose to see miracles?

Create a miracle mindset by making a choice to only see only miracles within you and around you. Take a deep and honest look in the mirror and make a choice and stick with it. Once you choose to see the miracles in your life and around your life nothing else exists. Make a choice to see the good in everyone and in everything. Command miracles to come your way, claim it as your birthright and create miracles by giving. You give by smiling, complimenting, and giving your time to someone in need.


Make a game of seeing miracles.

Miracles are all around you, your breath, your family, your finances, your health, food, the weather, the list goes on. By shifting to see only miracles you are creating opportunities to attract more miracles into your life. Even in your darkest moment there relies upon a miracle, seek it, because it is seeking you.

Mantra: I choose to see the miracles that surround me.

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