If you are not sure what an empath is and not sure if you are one, check out this Facebook I posted. If you are an empath I want to encourage you to check out this YouTube video where I share how to cleanse, ground, and protect yourself from feeling other people’s energy.

Being an empath is a privilege, we get to take care of ourselves in ways that is loving and supporting, we get to help others that are in need, and use our temples (bodies) to be the vehicle for Gods love to give light to the world. If you just discovered that you are an empath, this is your calling to start beginning a spiritual practice to help you get in more touch with your inner self and connect with God of your own understanding. If you don’t take co-control of your spiritual gifts then your gifts will go wild because there are no rules or boundaries, therefore, you feel attacked, drained misunderstood, and an array of other attitudes and feelings that are basically not yours. I will go through the routine with you and at the end of this blog you can give me your email address and I will give you a printable to put up and use for reference.

The intention of this post is to help you find a solid foundation to build upon, so in the beginning, you may resonate with this routine, later down the road you may feel like you don’t resonate at all or somewhat I am giving you. That simply means that you need to dial into yourself and ask what YOU need to move forward to protect yourself, cleanse, and re-energize.

Morning routine for empaths


  1. Breathe before you get up.

When you open your eyes breathe! Place one hand on your womb and one hand on your heart and breathe. During this connection, express gratitude to everything around you and in you.

In your breathe you are magnifying Spirits love inside of you, in gratitude, you feel God’s love and presence when you cultivate that you attract more of what you are grateful for.

  1. Grab your journal

You can write over coffee or tea, or at the edge of your bed and answer these questions

Today I am releasing……

Today I am calling in…..

  1. Ground and protect

It is important that you ground yourself to Mother Earth, she will help you stay grounded in your authenticity and absorb negative energy from your body. I included this video to guide you. After you have grounded yourself, call in Archangel Micheal to protect you. In my free gift to you, I included a simple prayer for you to cite.

  1. Set your intentions

As an empath it is crucial to set your intentions, this tells your spiritual gift as an empath that you are in charge, and it puts a boundary up of what you will or won’t allow. Set your intentions by answering this question (this question is really good when you find yourself in an uncomfortable spot)

What is it I wish to see today?

By answering this question you are calling in and setting your perception to only see those things AND only attracting your desired intention. Everything else is a distraction from what you wish to see.

Feel the miracles begin to shift as an empath.

You may start seeing results right away, it may take a week, or maybe a month, however, you are taking responsibility to hone in your spiritual gifts as an empath. I pray that this blog has served you and be sure to get your free printable by signing up for my email list below.