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I decided to go to Greece with my kids, we didn’t go to one island, or two, we went to three islands and it was the most amazing adventure EEEEVA!
Since then a lot of mommas have reached out to me to get the deets on our trip and I am going to share with you the exactly what I did, how we get there, and where we stayed.

Greece With Kids

We were going the first week of April, and the pros, NO tourist and good weather, cheaper, the cons since it was the beginning of the season everything has not opened yet or starting to open up, especially! On the islands. But to me, it was perfect for traveling with three strong-willed kids.

Athens: Day one arrival

We flew with Euro wings, round trip about 400€. Good quick flight.
Once we got to Athens, that’s where the confusion started. Now before I get into as to why, English is a worldwide language, meaning everything is in English and a lot of people in Greece speak English.

The confusion came with the train, I didn’t know how to read the map to get to where I’m going, and we were there for about an hour trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
I spoke to the lady at the kiosk and she told me what ticket to get and then there’s this super cool app, where if you type in where ya going and how you want to get there it will tell you.


This thing is amazing, when I didn’t know where I was going with kids running in circles at this point I turned on my #phuckitmentality figured out google maps, and then I got my confidence back. This thing will tell you exactly what to do, how many stops it is, and will navigate you beautifully. Just put your current location and where you going, select bus or train and then follow it.

We got off at our stop and then walked about 10 minutes to our first home for the first two nights.

I chose to do Airbnb for many reasons, one it’s home. I look for luxuries that need to accommodate me and my kids, like separate bedrooms, kitchen in case I want to cook for cheap, and a yard! Home away from home, and to me, it is cheaper than a hotel.

Get $40 towards this room if you are new to Airbnb

Pros- 5-8 minute walk to a GREAT restaurant! (I searched for it and I BELIEVE this is it, if not they have good reviews anyways) and a 10-minute walk to the train station. Really nice host <3 We didn’t do much but get our barrens and familiarize ourselves with the area and EAT. Just so you are not shocked like I was, Athens is well…. dirty. I traveled from Germany where everything is fixed and clean. So that did throw me off a little but again everyone was nice and to me that matters the most.


Next day we walked to breakfast which was about a 20-minute walk or so. It was beautiful walking through the city and be consumed with Greek culture. We ate at Cafe Melina . This Cafe was SOO good and the service was great and very near attractions and to our choice of transportation.

Next, getting around.
This was a challenge, I am not navigating around in a foreign country, with three kids, in a car or on foot.
Too easy. Greece Hop on and hop off bus tour! We took the Athens line 


You only need a day in with the tour bus to see all the major attractions, and to get into the attractions I believe it was 3-5 euros per person. The buses run frequently and there are tons of places to eat. The Greeks are super nice and LOVE kids. After the tour we which ended about 6-7pm we wandered the streets for sweets and foods and then made it back to our home on foot.

Day three: headed to Paros Greece

So to island hop, you have to take the Ferry and there are two different types of ferries, the fast one ($$$) and the slow one ($). There are a lot of options and companies out there and it was a little overwhelming for me, I decided to go to a ticket agency to help me GreeceFerries.com . I didn’t use the website, I sent them an email telling them where I wanted to go and they responded quickly and helped me book our tickets from Athens (Piraeus<—– for your ticket search), Paros, Santorini (Thira), back to Athens. We were on the Blue Star Ferries boat. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of this service.

Click the video below.

Pros: The staff was super friendly and prompt and tended to every email and need.
They offer where you can have the tickets delivered, mailed, or picked up. I chose to have a van come get us at 6 am to hand us our tickets AND take us to the port which is about 15-20 minute drive from our Bnb. They have an emergency line number with a person who can speak English for the con listed below.

Con: The driver didn’t get us at 0600, therefore we didn’t have a ride or our tickets. We had to get an Uber who was super fast and awesome! and luckily the emergency guy got our tickets to the port like 5 minutes before the ship left. Greeceferries.com did refund me the transfer fee and apologized and we did make our ferry at 7 am so all is well.


The ferries in Greece DO NOT PLAY! They will not wait for ANYONE! so be there 10 minutes prior to get on and to get a seat. The staff on the Ferry were SUPER friendly and helped me with the kids and strollers if needed. Be sure to tip them if they offer to help. 2-3 euros is great. The ride was great, the food is pretty decent, and overall it was pretty cool.


Day four: Exploring Paros

Paros was nice and what you see in the postcards or movies, our Bnb host was super nice and the owner carried our bags up for us. Our bnb was close to the port, restaurants, and grocery stores. There are a few shops and such. I believe we were the first set of tourist there at Paros and a lot of shops were closed but it made for a relaxing day. We took the bus to see other parts of the island and again it was like we had the whole island to ourselves. The nightlife though was popping with people chilling and sipping their Greek drinks. The food was certainly fresher then Athens, once again I did not get the name of the restaurant we ate at (I promise to do better), but the restaurant we ate at was super close to our BnB and was across from the kids’ park. There was an older man with gray hair and who wore glasses that served us. All the restaurants on this strip have good reviews.

Day Five: heading to Santorini

If I knew what I knew now I would’ve spent more time in Santorini Greece. Ya’ll it’s the number one destination in the world FOR A REASON! I believe it has earned the number one spot for the best place I have ever seen and experienced.

So Oia is the place where you want to stay at, that’s where the picturesque views and famous “blue” tops are at. This is a super touristy spot but if you find the place of your dreams to gawk at the views you won’t mind one single bit. Now if don’t want to stay there you can stay at Fira which is about a 45-minute drive to Oia. I paid for a transfer to and from our BnB, the host was nice and to your right, there is a restaurant that was pretty good. This spot was a little pricey but to me, it was well worth it because I had my kids and we were close to everything. AND THE VIEW!


Day Six: Cruising Santorini

After trucking three kids across country, you can imagine, momma needed a break! And so I want to share with you, my NANNY! Aspa SHE WAS AMAZING!!!! There is a nanny service in Greece that has superb reviews, did I tell you Aspa was amazing? and affordable for the day. You can check them out here

After Aspa arrived it was amazing! My aunt and I got lunch at near-by and then we got picked up to go on our day trip on a boat!


I had a sunset tour with Sunset Oia, it was a wonderful experience and the food was UH-MAZING! The food was prepared on the ship and you could taste the love. There were unlimited drinks and we got to hang out with other people that were visiting. It was so much fun! Check out the link here 

Day seven back to Athens to fly out the next day.


So here’s what I would’ve changed; I would’ve done an extra day in Santorini and flew out from there, but instead, we took an eight-hour ferry back to Athens. It was super cool because we ended up getting a cabin so we can rest. The cabin with sea view was $80. Not bad for some privacy and rowdy kids. Once we got off the ferry we stayed at the Tatiana Hotel. Super swanky hotel and it was affordable. The rooms were SUPER nice and it was a great place to relax in luxury. We enjoyed a few cocktails on the rooftop bar and called it a night. The buffet breakfast the next day was worth every single dime! My daughter was making a mess with her food and the staff cleaned me up and informed me that food on the floor from kids was a compliment because the food was good. As a mom traveling with three kids in Greece, that made me feel good. Click here to get $15 off your stay at the Titania hotel.


We went to Greece the first week of April, the weather was great and there was barely anyone there, the downside to that the season doesn’t start until the second week of April. But I wouldn’t change a thing!


If you have any questions about your upcoming Greece travel with kids please let me know and I will try to help.